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Eco-Game Giveaway

  • We have 10 eco-games to giveaway for free (we even pay shipping)!
  • Anyone may enter from any location around the world
  • Sign-Up For Contest Ends at 12 PM on 10/31/2010
  • Winners of the drawing will be announced on our FB group at 12 PM on 11/1/2010
  • Must be a part of the Tri-Cross FB Group to win!
  • Only one entry per person

The board and bag are made of organic cotton and canvas.  They fold up nicely into a travel size version.  All inks are non-toxic and the sizes of the board and bags were decreased to save on material waste.  Click here to read more about the process for designing the bag.

To buy a travel/eco-game please click here.

10% of all profits are donated to the Captain Planet Foundation