GFC is a company continually working to bring quality board games to all ages. A family owned and operated company, GFC will continue to produce games that are fun, challenging, and of course competitive!  Based out of Atlanta, GFC has been extremely involved in the community.  Since its inception, the company has worked with schools, philanthropy organizations, and local groups to further the love of learning and environmental awareness.


Twenty-five years ago, a father with his wife, who was a teacher, and three young sons and a struggling business had the idea to design a game. He wanted to design a game that could be learned and played out within a short period of time and also become increasingly challenging. He wanted it to become a new strategy board game like chess, checkers, dominoes, etc.


Glenn Burns had a few hundred made in 1986 and they sold out in Atlanta stores such as Mori Luggage and Gifts and the Sword of the Phoenix game stores. The owner of the Sword of the Phoenix game stores, Dan Ackerman, listed it in Games Magazine as his recommendation for “the best new strategy game of 1987.”  When asked, “What is the game like?” Dan Ackerman would always say, “It’s really not like anything else.”  Due to finances and other pressing issues, though, Glenn didn’t follow up and allowed the game to collect dust on the shelf.


Through the years, his sons (Brian, Greg, and Jeff) would play the old game and tell him how good it was. They often asked him why he didn’t put it back out on the market.  Finally, a new version of  Tri-Cross came to market in 2007 with much work being done by the family as a whole.  It wasn’t until Jeff decided to take the reigns in 2008, updated the rulebook, and changed the business model and marketing that the game started to gain traction.